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Who am I?

The French Riviera is an unusual property market which sees a wide diversity of investors. From main residence to second home, or buy-to-let; for a purchase, an equity release or a refinancing; for French nationals from abroad, foreign investors or French residents with foreign income; handling matters remotely or a permanent move to France; for employees or entrepreneurs… we assist all kinds of borrowers who of course need tailored advice and banking solutions.

We make a point of fostering understanding and defending our customers’ interests, by presenting the banking institutions and financing which is best adapted to their profiles.

Mortgage in France is located in Alpes-Maritimes, between Nice and Monaco. We are always delighted to meet our customers when they can manage it, at our office in Beaulieu-sur-Mer.

Douglas Martin, multicultural advisor, leads Mortgage in France on the French Riviera. He provides a personalized service to international customers (non-residents, expatriates and HNWI).

With great experience in complementary banking activities – 10 years’ experience in financial markets, followed by 10 years working on non-resident financing at a specialized and well-known brokerage – Douglas will guide you through the essential steps to obtain bank financing, and also guarantee the success of a new step in your life or an investment in France.

In 2023, Douglas decided to join the dynamic broker network OLEEN
as their representative (‘Mandataire’ – MIOBSP status).

OLEEN by Finspot is:

  • A network of expert representatives
  • Powerful back office
  • Administrative support enabling us to focus on customer relationships
  • Access to Finspot Group banking partnerships (the Group is the parent company of the retail broker Pretto which has a presence through French territory), giving access to the best offers in real time

Legal Notices

MORTGAGE IN FRANCE is a brand of BC&C, an SAS with a capital of 5000€
BC&C SAS is entered on the Trade Register of Nice under number 822 172 938
MIOBSP is on the Orias register under number 1600503
Legal terms and Data protection policy

Mortgage in France

Registered office

8, avenue des Anglais
06310 Beaulieu-Sur-Mer