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how to succeed in financing your property purchase in France

acts as a catalyst and accelerator between customers and the financial institutions

to guarantee the success of their French property project

Who is Mortgage in France for?

  • French people located abroad
  • All other nationalities who are resident abroad
  • Expatriate French nationals wanting to return to France
  • Residents in France with foreign sources of income
  • Employed staff and entrepreneurs

Which projects?

  • Purchasing a main residence, second home, or buy-to-let
  • Property investment
  • Tax incentives (furnished rentals, buy-to-let new builds, ‘parahôtellerie’ accommodation, historic monuments, ‘deficit foncier’, division of property, etc.)

What type of property?

  • Houses, apartments, villas, chalets, whether old properties (with or without renovations) or new buildings (off-plan project)
  • Land and construction
  • Renovation work
  • Buying out other owners
  • Equity release
  • SCPI [French investment company]

Which countries of residence?

We can look at investors coming from anywhere apart from those established in tax havens or countries in political crisis. Applications from the USA or United Kingdom are welcome, and are our main customer base, although in the last few years they have been having legal issues in the eyes of lenders.

Which investment vehicles?

In your own name or as a French property company (SCI, family SARL/SAS).

Contrary to widely held belief, and despite the quality of their profiles, non-residents, French expatriates and foreign investors are not good customers for French banks.

In addition to legal and financial risks that are deemed higher, loans are still a loss leader – given that non-resident customers don’t live on French territory, they don’t buy add-ons such as banking products and insurance or open savings accounts.

For this reason, banks’ involvement is subject to borrowers accepting significant commercial consideration in return.

Here are just some of the reasons
why you might want to use MIF's services

Access to diversified financing

We work with a wide range of financial partners, to serve all our international investors.

Different financial institutions, including banks and alternative lenders, enable us to offer various terms and schemes to suit a wide range of profiles.

Financing expertise

Mortgage in France experts have in-depth knowledge of the financing market for private and international customers.

We can guide you in your search for financing according to your aims, your asset profile and the way the French banking market works.

Personalised support

We offer individual support throughout the financing process, from initial feasibility to monitoring the stages leading up to release of funds and signature of deed of purchase.

So you have ongoing support to maximize your chances of success.

Responsive and time saving

Searching for financing can take a long time and be very tedious, especially for non-resident borrowers, for whom terms and ease of access to funds often differ greatly from where they have lived before.

By using Mortgage in France, you gain precious time by leaving experienced professionals to present market offers to you, making bank procedures more efficient.

Advice and access to professionals in the sector

A property investment and its financing involves many legal, tax, asset management, administrative and accounting issues, often handled remotely, and we advise you and direct you to best practice and reliable professionals.



We listen to you

Feasibility in principle

Approval of the project

Monitoring and chasing

Let’s talk about you and your project

Let’s see if you qualify

You choose the offer which suits you best

Our role is to get your project to a successful conclusion as quickly as possible and keep you informed about how things are progressing

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